MCI Craft is split up into 4 parts (All parts included in the downloads): Core, Farming (1.05 and higher), Machines and Redstone. All Parts require Minecraft Forge. In 1.0.5 and below the optional Machines part requires Buildcraft or Thermal Expansion to be installed.

Once downloaded extract the 4 jar files to your Minecraft Mods folder.

This is located at:
%APPDATA%/.minecraft/mods/ on Windows
Home/.minecraft/mods/ on Linux
Home/Library/Application Support/minecraft/mods/ on Mac's

Both Machines, Farming and Redstone jars are optional parts and do not need to be installed.

Minecraft 1.7.10 Downloads
Requirements: Forge v10.13.0.1190+

v1.0.7 (Changelog) [API v4.0]
v1.0.6c (Changelog) [API v3.0]
v1.0.6b (Changelog) [API v3.0]
v1.0.6 (Changelog) [API v3.0]

Requirements: Forge v10.12.1.1065+; Machines needs Buildcraft v5.0.0+

v1.0.5c (Changelog) [API v2.0]
v1.0.5b (Changelog) [API v2.0]

Minecraft 1.7.2 Downloads
Requirements: Forge v10.12.0.1024+; Machines needs Buildcraft v5.0.0+

v1.0.5c (Changelog) [API v2.0]
v1.0.5b (Changelog) [API v2.0]
v1.0.4b (Changelog) [API v1.0]
v1.0.4 (Changelog) [API v1.0]

Minecraft 1.6.4 Downloads
Requirements: Forge v9.11.1.916+; Machines needs Buildcraft v4.1.2+ or Thermal Expansion v3.0.0.b7a+

v1.0.5d (Changelog) [API v2.0]
v1.0.5c (Changelog) [API v2.0]
v1.0.5b (Changelog) [API v2.0]
v1.0.4 (Changelog) [API v1.0]
v1.0.3 (Changelog)
v1.0.2 (Changelog)
v1.0.1 (Changelog)

Colour LED Line Generator - Turns a PNG file into a list of numbers that can be sent to Colour LED's